In this narrative writing course, students will identify a myriad of literary techniques and apply them to their writing. The course will begin with a brief review of plot elements and traditional 5-paragraph essay structure. Students will use mentor texts to identify relevant and irrelevant details in their writing as well as direct and indirect characterization, story archetypes including the hero’s journey, conflict, point of view, diction, dialogue, and setting. Using the mentor texts, students will analyze author’s usage and effects of each literary technique. Each essay is submitted twice for feedback. At the end of the course, each student will present one assignment of their choosing and give a Q&A about their process, ideas, and literary techniques.

This course is best for students who have mastered the basic five-paragraph essay, have strong reading comprehension skills, and want to improve their narrative writing. Students who are in gifted programs, honors level English, or get high grades in their English language arts class will do well in this course.

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